The Easier, Greener Way

Moving with cardboard is a thing of the past… And it’s time for change, an easier, greener, and smarter way to pack and move. We at Eco Pack n Go are passionately dedicated to revolutionizing the way we pack and move, and providing a simple, sustainable, efficient, time saving, and hassle free alternative to using cardboard boxes. Join us in the revolution!

The Ultimate Moving System

When used together, these two integral players undoubtedly, make the packing and moving process so much easier, faster, and less chaotic.
Man carrying plastic moving crate.
Our Boxes
Our reusable, industrial strength, plastic moving boxes are an absolute game changer when packing your next move!  They’re made 100% recycled plastic, are solid as ever, and can withstand a rain and snow without falling apart.  They stack beautifully when packed and nest into one other to conserve space and reduce clutter, when unpacked. Sturdy, attached lid design, to protect and prevent breakage to your valuables, with zip tie eyelets to secure your belongings.  Made with built-in ergonomic handles for easy lifting and carrying, that make moving easier and keep items safer. A cost effective alternative to cardboard boxes and  affordable.
Man pushing stacked plastic moving boxes on 4 wheel dolly.
4 Wheel Dolly
Save your back and let our dollies make your move so much easier and faster! These are custom made to fit our boxes, so they will snugly and securely rest into them.  With a little push, they glide with ease, making your moving 5 packed boxes an absolute breeze. You can easily stack 5 packed boxes on each dolly since it will hold up to 650 pounds. When boxes are empty, you can stack 25 boxes on the dollies.  These are extremely durable and made from heavy duty plastic.  The rubber swivel castors are non-marking, and roll smoothly for easy transport.  The perfect addition when renting our boxes. Moving 5 stacked boxes has never been so easy with these dollies.

Why Rent Eco Pack n Go Boxes?

Our ultimate goal is to make your packing and moving process easier, faster, less stressful and environmentally friendly. Forget about that annoying tape gun and the hassle associated with assembling, disassembling, and figuring out where and how to discard those cardboard boxes.  With our rentable boxes, no extra waste created, no piles of flattened cardboard boxes everywhere, when you’re done, you’re done! An easier, greener, faster, and much less chaotic moving experience, from start to finish.

From start to finish, the entire moving experience is simplified and easy.  Seamless online ordering, convenient delivery and pickup, quick and easy packing and moving, plus, there's no cardboard, no tape, and NO HASSLE!


Our Boxes are made from 100% recycled plastic and provide a sustainable and ideal alternative to using cardboard boxes, where absolutely zero waste is created after each use and at the end of their useful life. When they’ve reached the end, they are repurposed into another useful item. Still, zero waste is created! This sustainable option is a game changer for the packing and moving industry, and will hopefully have a lasting affect on for the future wellness of our planet, for generations to come.


Made with protection and extreme durability kept in mind, to sustain rugged and tough handling, heavy weight capacity, resistance to water and moisture, and other environmental elements.  Our commercial strength boxes are made to protect and prevent damage and breakage to the valuable items inside.


Our Boxes are delivered clean, preassembled with attached lid. You can start packing the moment they arrive.  Why waste your valuable time trying to source questionably reliable cardboard boxes, spend more time taping them together and disassembling them. Just imagine how much time you can save yourself.  The large uniform size of our boxes make packing, stacking, and organizing a quick and easy process. They stack better and rest perfectly into our custom fit 4-wheel dolly for seamless and efficient moving.


No need to spend a ton of money on cardboard boxes and packing supplies that you’ll most likely only be using for this move, and shortly after either discarding or giving away. Not to mention, your time is valuable. It takes time to assemble, disassemble, and discard cardboard boxes, and those extra trips to the store to spend more money on packing supplies.  Our Moving Box Rental Packages includes all the moving and packing supplies you’ll need, including boxes, dolly, labels, and packing paper can easily be added as well. All in one place, affordable, and delivered to your front door.


Our plastic moving box rentals are strong, reliable, less laborious and costly, time consuming and far more environmentally friendly, compared to cardboard, and is delivered right to your front door. With convenience, ease, simplicity, efficiency, and eco-consciousness at the forefront of our minds, our rentable boxes and dollies are the ultimate moving system, and make packing and moving  process so much easier, saving you time, hassle, money, while offering a better, smarter way to pack and move.

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